Grilling Tips for the At-Home-Chef

Everyone knows that when you’re hankering for a succulent, flavorful steak, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse is the perfect place to go to satisfy your cravings. But we’re all busy, and sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to make the trip to your local restaurant. Whether the kids are sick, the boss keeps calling, or an event like an earthquake or a hurricane prevents you from going out, the intricacies of life often stop us from treating ourselves to a little rest and relaxation.

But never fear! We at Bugaboo Creek are here to help satisfy you with an indulgence right at your own home. Moxie has compiled the best of his personal grilling tips to make sure that no matter how busy your schedule, you can always have a delicious steak.  And with the summer coming to a close, don’t miss out on these last few opportunities to use that barbeque grill. So before you reach for that box of tasteless frozen dinners, try out these techniques on your grill!


  • With all the focus on proper marinating and seasoning to produce flavor, many don’t realize that one of the most important steps to producing a flavorful steak happens before the meat even hits the grill. Choosing the right fuel for your barbeque is crucial, and we recommend always using charcoal. Although it may take longer to cook with, charcoal is the key to flavor and irresistible taste. Charcoal briquettes were invented in 1920 by Henry Ford and Thomas Edison—how could the pioneers of the automobile and the light bulb be wrong about something as simple as grilling? They were on to something.
  • Speaking of flavor, the right way to season a steak to perfection is different for everybody. Whether you are a simple salt and pepper kind of person or you would rather slather your steak in a multitude of sauces, do it how youlike it. Don’t feel the need to season more or less than you want to. The perfect way to season is all about YOU.
  • Keep your grill hot for best results. If you want juicy and flavorful steaks, turn up that heat!
  • Remember to turn your steak over only ONCE. We’ve found that doing so helps to keep all the delicious juices and flavors inside the meat and not sticking to your grill. A method we like to use to get those signature diamond-grill marks is to grill the steak for 3 minutes, then rotate by 45 degrees and grill for 3 more. Then flip the steak over and repeat the process.
  • Want to know how done your steak is but don’t want to cut it open yet? Try this trick: pinch the skin in between your thumb and forefinger—that consistency is about a medium rare. The firmer your steak is to the touch, the more well-done it is.
  • Finally, after you’ve been hovering over the grill anxiously awaiting your dinner, your first reaction can often be to jump right in and chow down the instant the steak comes off the grill. But be patient. Wait about 5 minutes before cutting into it to allow the juices and flavors to permeate. Trust us, it’s worth it.

But if this all sounds a little too complicated, just stop on by at Bugaboo Creek and we’ll be happy to do all the work for you. We’ll make you a steak even Henry Ford and Thomas Edison couldn’t resist.

Back to School Drive at Bugaboo Creek!

The end of August always means one thing: the kids are going back to school. It’s hard not to have mixed emotions. This time can be exciting, exhilarating, or just plain exhausting. And with the seemingly never-ending list of “to-dos”, back to school can also mean one more thing: expensive. In fact, every year more than $8 billion is spent on back to school shopping in the month of August alone.

But we at Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse are helping to make this season a bit more bearable. Throughout the rest of August, any time you bring in school supplies to donate and support our local schools, you can get a free appetizer with your adult entrée! Nowhere else will pencil boxes and backpacks become delectable boneless buffalo wings or succulent bourbon shrimp. Keep your schools stocked, your bellies full, and your family happy! But this offer is only available until August 31st, so bring the whole family and hurry in now! For more details, and for a full list of appetizers on our menu, be sure to check out our website at

Summer Lobster at the Lodge at Bugaboo Creek Steak House!

Here’s a fun fact about lobsters: A lobster’s brain is located in its throat.

Here’s an even better fact: Lobsters are coming to Bugaboo Creek!

As we go under new ownership, our masterful chefs have been hard at work creating unique and delicious dishes with summer’s favorite companion – lobster! Starting today, July 18th, we will be offering several new menu items featuring fresh Maine lobster at the lodge.

These delectable new dishes incorporate savory tastes and flavors and are exactly what you need to spice up your summer! From tantalizing appetizers to delicious entrees, there is something for everyone to feel like they are on their own personal retreat. Lobster at the Lodge is an event you won’t want to miss, so be sure to check out for all the details and more information on these fantastic additions to the menu.

Come get a customer favorite – PRIME RIB DINNER for ONLY $14.92 on COLUMBUS DAY Monday, OCT. 11

 On Monday, October 11, BUGABOO CREEK cordially invites you to join us in celebrating COLUMBUS DAY. We will be serving an tantalizing customer favorite – a hearty 10oz. PRIME RIB DINNER for only $14.92!


  • 10 oz – Hand-cut prime rib
  • Choice of potato
  • Choice of salad from our fresh Farmer’s Market Salad Bar

Bugaboo Creek would like to share some fun facts about Columbus Day:

Prime Rib Dinner at Bugaboo Creek on Columbus Day for Only $14.92


Load-up your potatoes anyway you like them at Bugaboo Creek Steak House!

 Throughout October, we’re celebrating the fall flavors of potatoes with our delicious Smashed Potato Toppers, featured on our special Autumn Adventures menu.

Our Smashed Potato Toppers make a delicious complement to any entrée, and you can choose from four different toppers for just $.99: Loaded, Mushroom, Bleu Cheese, and Roasted Garlic.

 Go Big. It’s gonna be a long winter.

 Other Fall Menu items to try include:

 Cowboy Ribeye*

A 16 oz. USDA Choice Bone-In Cowboy ribeye grilled to perfection and glazed with our savory Hickory Bourbon sauce. Served with your choice of one side item and a Caesar, Garden or Bugaboo Wedge salad. $21.49

 Hickory Bourbon Sirloin & Scallops*

Marinated and grilled scallops atop our seasoned, 8 oz. USDA Choice top sirloin lightly coated with our hickory bourbon glaze. Served with your choice of one side item and a Caesar, Garden or Bugaboo Wedge salad. $18.49

 Lodge Appetizer Combo

Bugaboo Wings with a side of bleu cheese, creamy Canadian Cheese Spinach Dip with crispy tri-color tortilla chips, and hand-battered Snowbird Chicken with honey mustard dipping sauce. $11.79

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash simmered with Red Delicious apples and a touch of rosemary. Cup $3.69 Bowl $4.79

 Also don’t forget to try our Lunch Creek Combos for only $8.99

*All items in this category or items marked with an asterisk may be cooked to order. Consuming raw or under-cooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Three-Course Meals for Only $11.99!

Come on down to the Lodge for a 3 course meal that’s heavy on the stomach and light on the wallet!

Starting September 27th and running through October 31st, Bugaboo Creek Steak House is offering a mouth-watering 3 course meal for only $11.99!!

Start with your choice of salad, followed by your selection of one of four delicious entrees, and complete your meal with a tasty dessert!

Entrees to choose from:

  • Petite Steak & Mediterranean Grilled Shrimp
  • Black Magic RibEye Steak
  • Sesame Mixed Grill Trio
  • French Onion Chopped Steak

Our New Fall Menu is here – get $5 off your next visit at Bugaboo Creek Steak House

Bugaboo Creek Steak House is serious about fall flavors, which is why we’ve unveiled our special fall menu, featuring BBQ Chicken Nachos, Smoked Baby Back Ribs, Lodge Center Cut Filet and Grilled Rainbow Trout.  Our newest additions also include Grilled Bourbon Shrimp, Smokehouse BBQ Chicken and a Honey Pepper Glazed Ribeye Steak!

And now for a limited time only through Sept. 26, you can head to Bugaboo Creek Steak House to enjoy $5 off your food purchase of $25 or more.

To find a Bugaboo Creek Steak House near you, visit our website at and click on “Locations”.



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